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How to install self-adhesive mural



STEP 1: measure your wall and check if it's smooth and non-porous

Gently slide your fingers over the wall - if there are any traces of paint left on them wall isn't suitable for self-adhesive murals.

STEP 2: clean your wall with dry cloth

STEP 3: unpack and check dimensions of mural

If your mural is printed in multiple panels unpack it and lay panels on the floor by numbers written on the back of each panel. Check if image is a perfect match. While doing this it’s necessary to place every panel 2 cm (approx. 1 inch) over the previous one, from left to right.

Panels of a mural are always placed from left to right, and mural should be worked from top to bottom. Plastic smoother is used to squeeze out any air left by moving it from one side of panel to the other.

STEP 4: if your mural is printed in multiple panels, they have overlaps

Overlaps approx. 2 cm wide are used so the image would be continued perfectly. When you are finished working with one panel next one should be placed 2 cm over the previous, so the graphics would be complete. All murals wider than 1 m are printed in multiple panels.

STEP 5: installation of mural

In the beginning of installation process we want to peel of 10 cm from the top of the panel, than stick this part to the wall using a plastic smoother and after this we want to slowly peel off backing paper section by section. We need to repeatedly peel off graphics from backing paper and smooth it out with plastic smoother. Backing paper shouldn't be peeled off at once but rather section by section (approx. 20 cm by 20 cm). For best results you should always tighten a bit lower part of mural during process.

STEP 6: finishing touches

Use sharp blade to trim edges if needed and throw them in the garbage together with backing paper left behind after installation of your mural.

*Special note to our users: If you have never installed self-adhesive wall mural on your own, we strongly recommend you to hire local professional who will do this for you fast and efficiently.

STEP 7 - mandatory: enjoy new look of your room! :)

Download our PDF guide here.